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MBG Incorporated Patents
Weak Acid Manufacturing Equipment
Patent Certificate
This invention is related to the weak acid manufacturing equipment and production of weak acid electrolyzed water.
When diluted hydrochloric acid or saline and hydrochloric acid-like electrolytes are diluted
in a non-diaphragm electrolyzer, the chlorine (CL) created from the process is dissolved,
and concentrated hypochlorite is consistently formed through the electrolyzer. It is then diluted in water,
and hypochlorite-water with a concentration of 10~80ppm is formed.
  Problems the Invention Wishes to Solve
The present invention provides a process for producing hypochlorite weak acid to provide hypochlorite in weak concentration.
The invention provides a chlorine gas generated in the anode, and hydrogen generated
in the cathode- the problem of chlorine gas not being soluble in water is fixed through the rapid mixing
of hydrogen and chlorine gases (providing hypochlorite water).
Also, the invention creates more effective products by not emitting chlorine gas as outside waste.
This invention creates hypochlorite water by diluting the chlorine concentration in water through an electrolyzer.
The weak acid manufacturing equipment or related devices can use city water (CW) or water from ion exchange resins as is.
When removing hardness from the water, prevention of cell scales occur, increasing the effectiveness of cells and prolonging life.

The water is introduced into the mixing tank via a mixing bath injector.
At this time the injector uses a vacuum which sucks the hydrogen and chlorine gas generated in the electrolytic bath,
and removes the gas from the electrolytic cell in a short time, and solves the problem of electrolytic cell temperatures increasing.

Other than the injector removing hydrogen and chlorine gas through a vacuum, the inlet hydrogen and chlorine gas are dispersed
in water as small grains and molecular chlorine gas in contact with water are quickly soluble.
The effects of the electrolyzer are maximized due to the stabilization of hydrogen gas generated at the cathode
and chlorine gas generated from the anode.

Also, as the water is flowing through the injector,
the high speed dispersion of the chlorine and hydrogen gases causes a cooling effect and lowers the temperature
of the electrolytic bath.

The sparger in the mixing tank ensures that the dispersion of chlorine gas is dispersed again in water,
and most of the chlorine gas is dissolved in water and the hydrogen gas is moved to the upper portion as a bubble condition.
The upper portion (gas-liquid) separates the gas as a liquid and the hydrogen gas is discharged to the upper portion,
while the weak acid generated is gathered in the tank.

The electrolyzer’s efficiency is improved as the chlorine gas is dissolved and slightly acidic water is formed.
A problem such as changes due to the passage of hydrogen through the gas-liquid
separation does not occur as a result.
Hydrogen Water Generating Device
Patent Certificate
The invention is provided with discharge gas in the upper portion, while the lower portion consists of an electrode
and a batch module.
The body of the invention can be separated and includes the pressure adjusting portion connected to the gas exhaust unit,
capable of producing hydrogen water.
  Problems the Invention Wishes to Solve
The invention has been made to solve the problems mentioned above.
The main purpose is to produce hydrogen water through electrolysis, and does not need a filter due to the absence
of chlorine disinfectant and ozone. The invention also contains a high amount of hydrogen concentration.
When hydrogen water is produced, harmful substances such as ozone and sodium hypochlorite are not formed,
and therefore solve the problem of bacteria mounting on the filters.
Also, the price of maintaining and replacing filters is eliminated.

Moreover, a pressure adjusting apparatus is located within the device, controlling and maximizing the amount of hydrogen
concentration formed.

The electrode module is formed from a cylindrical or prismatic shape, minimizing the volume when compared
to flat electrode modules and securing a wider electrode area, thereby increasing hydrogen concentration.
LED Mist injection equipment
Patent Certificate
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