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Technology Acquisition Strategy
MBG Technology Acquisition Strategy
         Burn Treatment Development Strategy
Development of natural substances
Extracting benefits of complex polysaccharides
through the fermentation of natural medicine
Utilize Stem Cells and Pharmacological Action
Doubling the stem cell extract utilization in order to
increase the efficiency of specific substances
Clinical Studies and Create Related Products
Incorporating technology in accordance with the standard medical system, to promote the efficacy of natural substances and ensure the best products

Commercialize Clinical and Medical Expertise
Create specialized facilities for patients suffering from burns and modern incurable skin disease

         Atopic Treatment Development Strategy
Social Disease
As atopic dermatitis cases are soaring due to changes in eating habits and the living environment, it is more and more being recognized as a social environmental disease (hence the need for additional research)
Development of Natural, Therapeutic Products
By using high concentration of alkaline hydrogen water (effective for improving diseases), using natural materials emitting infrared rays and anions, and by utilizing the natural substances from atopic minerals, treatment for atopic dermatitis will develop (emollient composition used as main ingredient)

Cell culture - In vitro meat
Why We Need In Vitro Meat
The development of in vitro meat would solve the existing problems of greenhouse emissions due to livestock (96% reduction), decrease soil and water consumption (99% and 96% reduction, respectively), greatly decrease energy consumption (45% reduction), and shorten the time when the meat is obtained (1.2~2 years via cattle breeding vs. 6~8 weeks via in vitro meat). Overall, creating and obtaining in vitro meat is much more efficient than through traditional methods.
In Vitro Meat Development Stages

개발단계 표

< First Step: Acquire cell culture techniques and identify cell characteristics >
We have identified the characteristics of cell culture techniques and cell adhesion.
Additional experiments will further our progress in developing rich cell culture techniques.

실험 표

< Second Step- Cell extraction and cell culture via extraction of cattle muscle tissue >
The second step consists of extraction and culture of satellite cells and cord blood from cattle placenta through experimentation,
and the determination of the possibility of establishing cell lines.
Muscle satellite cell extraction experiments are largely divided into four stages.

2차단계 하위단계표

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